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Zuragen™ Injection




Ash Access Product Portfolio

Ash Access Technology, Inc. is committed to pioneering progress in vascular access by addressing key areas of significant, unmet medical need. Our innovative product portfolio consists of breakthrough therapies and devices that can significantly reduce the incidence and implications of common vascular access challenges in both chronic and acute care settings. Vascular access complications have a dramatic effect on the morbidity and mortality of patients and create unnecessary financial burdens as well.

Our research and development programs have been focused on a multifaceted strategy that would markedly impact the incidence of catheter related bloodstream infections (CRBSI), improve the patency of vascular access devices and completely eradicate biofilm.

Under the leadership and direction of Dr. Stephen R. Ash, M.D., we are in the advanced development stages of the following clinical programs:

  • Discovering, formulating, clinical testing and commercialization of a novel antimicrobial / antithrombotic injectable therapy (ZuragenTM) for the prevention and treatment of CRBSI, vascular access device patency and eradication of biofilm. Pre-clinical tests have shown that this non-antibiotic therapy has demonstrated rapid, broad spectrum (gram positive and gram negative) efficacy against the most common strains of CRBSI and has completely eliminated biofilm within 24 hours.
  • Building a dynamic hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis catheter portfolio to include an innovative curved tip design and other technological differences vs. existing catheters.
  • Pursuing a catheter impregnation and coating system which would integrate ZuragenTM and our catheter designs to create a barrier for infection that would potentially last months instead of days.

Please see the individual product profiles for additional information. To inquire about the Ash Access Technology product portfolio feel free to contact us.